1964 Pontiac GTO

Muscle Cars from the 1960s and 70s

Some of the most legendary and beautiful cars came out of the 60s and 70s the era brought fire breathing beasts, designed to go fast.  Ground pounding horsepower designed to appeal to those drivers young and old who had a thirst for speed and adventure. During the mid-60s and 70s muscle cars were referred to as Supercars. The supercars were associated in one way or another with drag racing, stock cars or just street racing. 

The GTO makes its debut

The 1960s Pontiac GTOs are some of my favorite muscle cars. I have a special liking for the 1964.  The 1964 made its debut in September of 1963. It was built by the Pontiac division of General Motors from 1964 till 1974. Pontiac engineers John Delorean, Bill Collins, and Russ Gee turned the Pontiac Tempest into a high-performance muscle car. They replaced the engine of the Tempest with a ground-pounding 389 V8.


The Grandfather of muscle cars

    The 1964 Pontiac GTO came standard with a 389 cubic inch V8 rated at 325 bhp, four-barrel carburetor, dual exhaust, and a  floor shift 3-speed manual. An optional same 389 cubic inch engine with 348 bhp was available. A  2 speed automatic, a 4-speed manual transmission was also optional and tri-power carburetor, which was 3 two barrels was also available. The GTO came with dual hood scoops and the GTO emblem on the side fenders and front grille.  A convertible was also available. Many car enthusiasts claim the 1964 GTO is the Grandfather of the muscle car, the car that started the boom.

The Gran Turismo Omologato

 GTO was the Italian abbreviation for Gran Turismo Omologato that was inspired by the Ferrari 250 GTO.  GTO meant certified for racing in the Grand Tourer class. A nickname that was given to the GTO was the goat.  The sources and ideas behind this nickname are unknown. The nickname goat became a popular name within the GTO community however, Pontiac never used this name as an advertisement for the GTO and it seems as though they frowned upon it.       

Las Vegas Auction

In 2013 the Barrett Jackson auction in Las Vegas sold a 1964 GTO for $45,100.00. The GTO had been restored in medium red paint with a black interior, it had a 389 CID V8  upgrade with a genuine GTO Tri-Power induction system and the factory M20 wide-ratio 4 speed manual transmission. Unfortunately, the original air conditioning compressor was taken off by a previous owner and lost. The factory dash, controls and much of the plumbing still remains. The GTO was bought new in 1964 from Tom Ray Pontiac in Glendale, Ca and has been a superior, rust-free, West Coast car its entire known life. 

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