5 Signs Of a Valuable Antique

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If you’re new to antiquing, then you better sharpen your observational skills! There are ways to gauge whether an antique is valuable or not – there are too many counterfeits out there. So how do you discern whether your favorite antique has value?

  1. Rarity of the Antique

Discern the rarity of your antique. A rare piece is usually:

  • Available in small quantity. 
  • Has only a few original pieces remaining.
  • Has a rare color/design/pattern for that category of antique.
  • Uncommon creation of a particular artist.
  1. Authenticity

Gauging the authenticity of the piece will also give you an idea of the value it holds. Usually, you’re going to consider the following factors when determining the authenticity of any piece you’re looking at:

  • The time period of origin.
  • The artist or company that manufactured the antique.
  • The materials used in creating the item
  1. Aesthetics

The highest quality antiques merge all kinds of work to create a harmonious piece. Each individual feature on the work will look complete when viewed individually and when seen as a whole.

  1. Desirability 

Desirability is what’s hot in the market. An antique that’s valuable will have artistry that’s beyond its current trends and time, making it unique and very sought after.

  1. State of Condition

See whether the piece you have is in mint condition (perfect), excellent condition (minor flaws) or in good condition (minor repairs). The amount of damage or flaws is essential in determining the value of the object, so look out for:

  • Breaks
  • Gouges
  • Cracks
  • Fractures
  • Scratches
  • Signs of repair
  • Missing sections
  • Discoloration or inconsistent color

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