For The Love of Antiques

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For The Love of Antiques

Antiques are simply beautiful, and they don’t make them like that anymore. More about the love for the old, beautiful and rare, antiquing isn’t about splurging on some archaic relic. It’s about relishing in the beauty of the things that were and the decades’ worth of stories seen by those items.

For me, antiquing began out of curiosity. I saw people around me spending their paychecks on these rare pieces that were the opposite of modern time collectibles and really relishing in their buy. Soon, I caught on the hobby and discovered what an absolute treat antiquing is.

Welcome to the Treasure Seeker!

My blog is dedicated to the love of antiques, antiquing and bringing together a community of like minded antiquarians to share their passion with one another. Through my life, I have seen friendships strengthen with the love for old treasures, and I have been an avid collector myself. 

Perhaps it’s because there’s nothing like the old stuff. Sure, modern creations are brilliant and vibrant – with art taking many forms and architecture and furniture seeing changes in design, there’s still nothing like feasting your eyes on an old relic that’s centuries old and still as beautiful. Perhaps, antiques are a way for the collector to look past today’s technology, structures and creations and relish in what was.

Antiques are timeless as is an antique collector’s love for them. There’s nothing more exciting for me than finding an undetected gem on a cozy Sunday afternoon. The rush of excitement that you feel when you hold an antique and observe it for its authenticity is out of this world.

Come join me as I seek treasure in this world.